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T-T Electric offers two ranges of drives. The range TT/X for DC motors and the range TT JL/X for slip ring motors. The all-digital drives provide a fast-response over the full speed range. The 4 quadrant drives can motor in forward and reverse and regenerate energy into the mains supply when braking.
DC Moteurs
State of the art drives for optimum
speed control.
2 or 4 quadrants

Up to 500 VAC standard input

- 600 / 690 VAC optional

Up to 980kW output

17 digital inputs

8 analogue inputs

7 digital outputs

4 analogue outputs
TT and TT/X drives catalogue
TT and TT/X drives catalogue - See More

 • 5 ultra-compact frame sizes
 • Up to 2250A output
TT JL/X drives catalogue
TT JL/X drives catalogue - See More

 • 3 frame sizes
 • Up to 1680A output
 • 150% overload for 25s as standard
 • 250% overload for 25s optional
TT drives flyer
TT drives flyer - See More

Our drives can be dispatched 72 hours after reception of your order.