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T-T Electric proposes AC and DC drive systems by integrating the specific requirements of the process, the environment, the function of the machine and the type of industry
DC Moteurs
We propose specialist services for the integration of all your drive systems :
Low voltage: voltage range from 230V to 690V, power range from 0,55kW to 2800kW

Medium voltage: voltage range from 2,4kV to 6,6kV; power range from 0,2MW to 10MW

Analysis, planification (project management)

Design of drive systems (complete engineering of the project, torque analysis)

Project follow-up (management of timescales)

Production of technical dossier with integration of all the composants

Performance testing of the complete drive system at our site

Take responsibility of the complete drive system

Integration of the drive system in cabinets is possible according to the application and where installation is situated (climatisation, pre-wiring, pre-programming, testing)
All electrical power composants in our drives are made by world renowned manufacturers with whom we have the utmost confidence
Power consumption of electrical motors total 33% in the service sector and 70% in the industrial sector. Motor driven applications can therefore represent a huge potential economy.
Moreover, over a 10 year period, the energy consumption represents 95% of running costs of all electric motors.
It is for these reasons that we consider optimisation of energy as primordial in our developments. Depending on the application, the new technolgies of high performance motors and speed controllers can permit a saving from 10 to 45% on energy costs.