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The landmarks and important dates in the 120 year long history of T-T Electric
Odense, Denmark. Thomas B. THRIGE, an apprentice of Thomas EDISON who started the General Electric Corp, founded his business to exploit the many possibilities of electricity as a driving force in industry, trades, and agriculture.
Paris, France. Engineers Marcel EVE and Paul NOISET found their company specialising in electrical rotating machines, motors and generators.
In response to increasing volumes of export, Thomas B. Thrige establishes his first sales office abroad which is in London.
Thomas B. Thrige company is transfered to the Thomas B. Thrige Foundation which is established to own and protect its commercial interests.
Schneider and Westinghouse make an accord with EVE and NOISET and form Enco whose production is based at Nogent-sur-Seine, France.
Thrige merges with its largest competitor Titan to become Thrige Titan with its head offices based in Odense, Denmark.
The Swedish company ASEA buys a 40% share in Thrige Titan and a world wide co-operation is established for production, sales and marketing.
The Thomas B. Thrige Foundation takes over the ASEA share holding to maintain the independence of the Danish company Thrige Titan.
Thrige Electric company in Odense is formed to handle the manufacture of d.c. motors within the Thrige Titan group.
Thrige Electric acquires the Hugh J. Scott company in Great Britain which is rebaptised to Thrige Scott.
Enco becomes a partner of Thrige Electric and is the exclusive distributor in France.
Thrige Electric acquires the Contraves d.c. motor factory in Germany which is rebaptised to Thrige Electric.
Thrige Electric acquires the Enco company in Nogent, France which is rebaptised to Thrige Enco.
Thrige Electric confides the manufacture of the LAK and Uniqore range of motors to Thrige Enco.
Thrige Enco is rebaptised Thrige Electric.
Thrige Electric acquires the ABB d.c. motor factory in France and move their production from Nogent to Persan also in France.
The Thomas B. Thrige foundation stops all commercial activities and Thrige Electric is sold to a private investor.
Thrige Electric acquires the Persan branch of DMS, formerly ABB Service, the experts in preventive maintenance and repairs of all types of motors.
Thrige Electric is renamed T-T Electric. A new range of a.c. motors is launched to compliment the existing d.c. range.
T-T Electric launches a new range of Mill Duty d.c. motors.
In order to meet the increasing demands and needs of the customer, T-T Electric continues the expansion of its product range with the launch of the new AMP a.c. square motor collection.
T-T Electric opens office and warehouse in the United States to help service local market.
T-T strentghens its range of DC motors with two new frame sizes of 315 et 400 mm.
T-T Electric commercialises two ranges of drives for dc motors and for slipring motors.