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Our teams of technical specialists can assist you on-site with your maintenance and repairs, and also in implementing your turnkey or bespoke solutions. They are always on hand to accompany you with both your existing and new installations, and both your electrical and mechanical maintenance on-site.
+ Interventions : - Interventions :

Interventions on all types of electrical rotating machines
Dynamic balancing
Adjustment tension of drive belts
Adjustment of earth cables
Dry ice or cryogenic cleaning
Mechanical works
Laser alignement
Rectification of commutators and slip rings
Clean up and decontamination
Handling, lifting by crane or other
Dimensioning and commissioning of drive system with speed control
+ Mechanical analysis : - Mechanical analysis :

Permanent surveillance of temperature and vibrations by sensors
Oil analysis
Control of plain and sleeve bearings
Profile measurement
Control of brush holders
Pression control of brush holders
Metrological control
Measure surface roughness
+ Electrical analysis : - Electrical analysis :

Insulation measurement
Polarisation indexing
Vibration analysis
Analysis by ultrasound
Ohm law deviation tests
Measurement of delta tangent
Partial discharge
Measure of dielectric absorption ratio
Current analysis
Resistance tests
Measures of leakage current on bearings
+ Preventive and predictive maintenance : - Preventive and predictive maintenance :

Preventive maintenance :
Conscious of our customers economical restraints and industrial requirements for their installations, our engineers can assist in its improved management, optimise the life cycle of the machines, reduce the maintenance costs, and limit unplanned production halts.

To increase the longevity of the machines, regular preventive maintenance is primondial. Regular electrical and mechanical conrols of the machines are necessary in order to establish the wear and the level of degradation of the installation.

For this reason it is necessary to carry out regular inspections of the installations, measuring insulation, vibration analysis, and laser realignment. These maintenance tasks are carried out by our highly experienced technicians who are specialised on many types of machine.

Predictive maintenance :
Detection of failures and estimation of time before breakdown
With predictive maintenance, the machines are analysed for weaknesses which could lead to breakdown and the elapsed time before breakdown occurs.

Our teams are highly trained in risk analysis and the machines eventual breakdowns, it is for this reason that T-T Electric encourages its customers to do predictive maintenance. We can accompany you and advise you on the best solutions in order to avoid product halts at your installation.

Advantages :
Increased availability of your installations

Improvement in organisation of traditional maintenance

Reduction in costs

Our customer feedback confirms that these formulas guarantee increased reliability of the machines and a decrease in unplanned production halts.

T-T Electric proposes maintenance contracts for part or all of your installations and according to individual needs.