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With over 40 years experience T-T Electric is a leader in maintenance and repairs of electrical rotating machines, electromechanics, windings, and industrial maintenance no matter the type of machine both on-site or in our workshops.
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Maintenance and repair workshop
The maintenance and repair workshop with a surface of 2000m is equipped with a range of lifting facilities up to a charge of 15T and test benches for load and vacuum testing of AC/DC motors at low and medium tension. In our workshop we can manufacture new windings, and carry out maintenance and repairs on all types and make of electrical motors, gearboxes, pumps, fans, AC/DC drives, and drive systems.
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T-T Electric Service Ext 1
Our teams of technical specialists can assist you on-site with your maintenance and repairs, and also in implementing your turnkey or bespoke solutions.
Specialists on both existing and new installations, and both electrical and mechanical maintenance, they can assist you on-site with :
Corrective, preventive, and predictive maintenance of electrical motors, pumps and gearboxes

Control and analysis at clients site (laser alignment, winding control, vibration analysis, etc.),

Any electro-mechanical maintenance intervention at clients site,
With our preferred partners, T-T Electric accompanies you in the implementation of your project, replacement or retrofit, feasibility study, dimensioning of electrical installations, electrical and mechanical drives, pumps, gearboxes and fans.
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