The manufacturing and repair shop are located in Persan, France. 80 technicians are dedicated to the design and manufacture of our motors. Our experts are versatile. They are also used for manufacturing, maintenance interventions, or for repairing rotating electrical machines.

Motors Manufacturing

The factory is on 6000 m2 of surface. It’s optimized in order to reduce manufacturing cycles as much as possible while respecting our quality process. The optimization of our equipment in the production plant allows us to deliver a large number of motors and in a very short time. Grace the numerous equipment, all stages of manufacturing are carried out in our own factory. All tasks are carried out by our technicians under with very strict quality controls.

Test machines

All machines are tested according with strict quality control procedures. Our workshop allows to repair and test very high voltage motors:
  • • Up to 5.5kV
  • • Load test of AC motors up to 1200 kW
  • • Load test of DC motors up to 2000A

In order to offer our customers trusted services and the most reliable products, we are committed to:

  • Manufacture to the highest quality standards
  • Reduce manufacturing time and respect delivery times
  • Keep a stock with a short delivery time for your urgently
  • Innovate in the design and manufacturing technology of our products
  • Provide profitable industrial solutions
  • • Provide extensive and professional support
  • • Ensure that our products are flexibility and adapt to customer and environmental requirements